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TY 3D Demo

2008-05-22 12:04:53 by gltovar

Hey guys I am able to show off a bit more of what we are working on here at TY. We created this small demo that shows off loading 3D models and some control schemes. It really isn't much in terms of game play, its really more of tech demo. As far as Flash Technology is concerned the demo is a proof of concept for loading and controlling 3D models during run time in flash.

Both Snootz (red dog) and the soccer ball are 3D.

The control scheme allows for a Legends of Zelda (DS) point and follow control, as well as being able to use the arrow keys to control as well.

I really REALLY wish I can talk more about what we are working on here, but some time next month I'll really be able to talk about the engine as a whole... that gonna be the one that will excite you, even if you don't care about beanie babies.

Snootz Soccer Game

TY 3D Demo


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2008-05-22 12:46:37

Is that font Brady Bunch Remastered? Also, I like how there's an animal with the :3 face in the background.

Looks awesome, though. How much are they paying you? ^^


2008-07-05 06:46:23

wow, thats really cool but the perspective can get a bit weird at times