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c'mon now... 2 words...

C'mon now... 2 words "Voice Actors" head over to the NG forums and find some good voice acting, its the bit thing killing your animation. Its not that your voice acting isn't good, but the pitch shifted voices like the latin guy or the girl sound terrible. I did mention this in my previous review.

BaconMask responds:

I see your point, man. There will be more diveristy in the voices moving forward. Thanks!

I time for the A - I - D - S

Props for the AIDS jokes, they were priceless.

= P

I was expecting the worst.. but it was actually neat. Much better than your usual misspelled Mario move ^_^

Interesting concept and its a bit trippy.

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Multiplayer Please!

GOOD STUFF, you sure put soldat in it's place = P

Get multiplayer working and *kiss* buenisimo.

If you are series about geting Multiplayer going contact Kipperoo his user page: <a href="http://kipperoo.newgrounds.com/">http://kipperoo.newgrounds.com/</a>

He can created really good multi-user flash apps.


Awww man you got me all excited because back in the day there was this old Apple II game called apple panic. it was kinda like load runner and I remember it being really fun. Then again I was in third grade when i last played it = P


its neat but in the end, making shooting music based makes it less of a game.

I havent coded in AS3 yet but it was goofy that I got a:
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at _fla::MainTimeline/OEF()

error, i think its cuz i've got my flash open. So looks like coding in AS3 is gonna be fun when I jump on board.

Good work over all = P

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to this day, i come back to listen to this every now and again.

Hey like the feel of this song. Starts out mellow then fills with energy

I was toying around with my OP-1 on a plane ride and I made this https://soundcloud.com/gltovar/sometimes-pancakes-op-1-toying snippet from your song.

Stratales responds:

Haha, neat! You may be the first to "cover" a song of mine, albeit I'm not too popular, I enjoy it when stuff like this happens.

As a little side note, the bassline notes are: Ab, Bb, C.

Im with iHeartQuistis

It's a really great piece, I think the mario sliding noise is to represent a chicken being slashed maybe? If you drop that, and tighten up the looping it could be fantastic.

Awwww you love me, cuz you are looking at my profile. = ]

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