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Multiplayer Please!

GOOD STUFF, you sure put soldat in it's place = P

Get multiplayer working and *kiss* buenisimo.

If you are series about geting Multiplayer going contact Kipperoo his user page: <a href="http://kipperoo.newgrounds.com/">http://kipperoo.newgrounds.com/</a>

He can created really good multi-user flash apps.


Awww man you got me all excited because back in the day there was this old Apple II game called apple panic. it was kinda like load runner and I remember it being really fun. Then again I was in third grade when i last played it = P


its neat but in the end, making shooting music based makes it less of a game.

I havent coded in AS3 yet but it was goofy that I got a:
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at _fla::MainTimeline/OEF()

error, i think its cuz i've got my flash open. So looks like coding in AS3 is gonna be fun when I jump on board.

Good work over all = P

great start!

Graphics were wonderful, and the sound was the best part of it, my only gripe is there is no way to loose... so there doesnt seem like much of a challenge... the game would feel complete if you added in that one aspect.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! BTW you right. I need to think up some good stuff to add.


HOW COULD YOU TOM?!?!?! >= [

this doesnt deserve front page, because it is a fucking rip off of 'spank the monkey' except that flash looks amazing. this is crappy photoshop and cheap flash effects.

i dunno

Its a lights-out clone but instead of squares its a hex shape. I was never a fan of lights out so this game didn't appeal to me too much. I the bees did get annoying, and the story about the fat bee was kinda dumb. keep flashing though

I remember UFA!

i remember some one showed me a link and was why you haven't submitted this yet... we that solves that problem.

I have always loved your style... but...

I really didn't enjoy this game. the controls were way too loose and every was a blur, and the movement 'animations' were very stiff and ridgid.

I love you work, but this wasn't very good... game wise. GJ w/ graphics though.

= ]

this remindes me of my game outpost dedlaw... i started out with just enemies that followed you and hand drawn graphics and kept updating it until I won a few awards. if you'd like to chat just get intouch with me. look in my profile (you should make one too)

Outpost dedlaw (similar to your game now):

Outpost dedlaw (highest version submitted to NG... there are newer one... ; P):


i kinda get the idea of the game... but for 2 play it goes way too slow... there shouldn't be any turns... just fastest draw... or at least a mode like that (and use the arrow key to move cursor so 2 players can work)

Awwww you love me, cuz you are looking at my profile. = ]

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