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c'mon now... 2 words...

C'mon now... 2 words "Voice Actors" head over to the NG forums and find some good voice acting, its the bit thing killing your animation. Its not that your voice acting isn't good, but the pitch shifted voices like the latin guy or the girl sound terrible. I did mention this in my previous review.

BaconMask responds:

I see your point, man. There will be more diveristy in the voices moving forward. Thanks!

I time for the A - I - D - S

Props for the AIDS jokes, they were priceless.

= P

I was expecting the worst.. but it was actually neat. Much better than your usual misspelled Mario move ^_^

Interesting concept and its a bit trippy.

pretty good

its a bit slow paced and a lil light on the story, I liked the crossing fingers gag.. i wish you took it one step further (some how = P )

I didn't the latino guy's voice though, it sounded too filtered (sorry if that is some one's real voice) It was too deep and kinda hollow sounding.

But keep'em coming regardless if you listen to me or not (like I really have any say in it XD )

BaconMask responds:

I did Hondo's voice... But you're right it's a little unnatural sounding. I wanted him to sound uber-machismo. Thanks a lot for watching!


Good prediction on the Simpsons movie, heh it did come out in 2007 = ] (this flash was made in 2003)

Thanks for being unique

Thank you for your originality. I hate when first flashes are unoriginal crap hashes of what already exist.

You have a long way to go and listen to alexboy169 and you'll be on your way.

= ]


Good job guys... and as always I luff you Stamper.

Good stuff man

Good stuff keep them coming.

One thing that could have been improved on (in a directing point of view) is the mirror scene... the camera is knocked but scene stayed still.

If you made that scene in a movie clip on the main stage you would have been able to make the movie clip sway with the movement of the camcorder to really have a neat effect. = ]

LOL misguided effort

Graphics: Flash's paint brush, bad motion tweening, and obvious rasterblur. they are bad.

Style: Your head is filled with unoriginal ideas. Think of some thing unique

Sound: LOL! let me get this straight instead of clipping down the song to a shorter length you decided to lower the quality. Do you also spin your body around to take out light bulbs

violence interactive and humor are non existant.

I know I'm reviewing this in 2007 but I reviewed this in 2003 and it got deleted because it was too 'negative.' Well eat it, this sucked and I have no idea how you managed an A+ with this. Consider yourself lucky. And you better loose that mindset that just because some one hasn't made a flash before that you automatically are better than them. I've made many flashes and ALWAYS listen to others ideas.

Good stuff

I was watching this and thinking... this style reminds me of perfect kirby... well after looking at your other submissions I guess I know why that is ^_^

Awwww you love me, cuz you are looking at my profile. = ]

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