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Flash Portal LIVE - View the last 20 submissions live

Posted by gltovar - July 22nd, 2007

Well here it is the first public version of Flash Portal Live. V0.1

This is an Adobe AIR Application so make sure you download the runtime first.

This little app allows you to check the last 20 submissions that have passed judgment. Its perfect to have open if you want to glance at what new submissions have come in.

I'd love to highlight good scoring flash, but I am lacking the data to do it. I'd really like to show movies under judgment, because that would be a fireworks show at peak hours but no data for those guys as well. But hey at least I am able to show the authors of the movies in my pop ups for the recent side unlike some other recent submission portal ^_^

Currently it is set to update every 10 minutes. If new entries pass, then it take 15 minutes for the next update and 10 minutes until more new entries pass. I can envision future versions updating much quicker, but not until I've talked with the newgrounds staff.

So what are you waiting for grab the file!

oh and to close it use [alt-f4] or right click on the file in the task bar and select close. Mac users... well you'll be able to close it too, but I don't know the default methods for closing a program in OSX off the top of my head. = P

Flash Portal LIVE - View the last 20 submissions live

Comments (12)

Well isn't that nifty! I haven't tried it out yet, but it looks very sweet!

Awesome! Thanks for providing for us! I really do think we need a Newgrounds Tools page, made for and by the users!

That looks great I'll have to download it sometime.

Wow, thats awesome. Nice job my friend, Tom needs to see this.

sweet! thanks for letting me know. I wouldve completely forgotten about it otherwise.

Nice work dude, now go and make it better ! :)

Very nice.. Its something that would work well as a widget on the mac

Hey hey I just downloaded it, nooot baaaad deadlock! Spite's right you gotta show this to tom. If he likes it enough He'll probably put a spot on the front page where everyone can download it. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Isn't it harder to type in <a href="http://deadlock.newgrounds.com/news/post/5266">http://deadlock.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/5266</a> then it is to click on the portal navbar?

this download to your computer and you just run it from where ever it its. (its a application not a web page)

good job, man.

Hey! My flash is there!
I better download that!

How freaking awesome is this?! You are a genius my friend, your mom musta fucked Eienstein or sumthing!

I'm downloading.