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Brainstorm Guy -- A new series

Posted by gltovar - January 21st, 2008

Hey guys, I have released the first episode of my new series called Brainstorm Guy.

The basis of the series is talking about different ideas and inventions I've had. It has been extremely frustrating trying to pursue my ideas, I've been trying all my life to get my ideas out there, while still have some kind of control.

One of these ideas got me the closest I have ever been to getting hired by Newgrounds (my dream job). In short the idea was related to my comic prototype www.comiccrowd.com (the www is important). I'll probably do an episode on that depending on if I received a response back on the guys working on the new ComicSpace.com

I guess I can't find the right people or job that lets me do what I do best, be creative or invent. So I am hoping the series will lead me some where I couldn't go any other way.

This first episode talks about the fledgling smart pens and how I would improve them. Sorry if its a bit dry, I did have it funnier but the jokes took up more time that I wanted it to go. Im sure as the series matures I'll find a better balance.

With out further ado: http://web15.metacafe.com/w/1051447/

PS thanks for the audio portal. any project I do I make sure to use stuff from there.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /116799
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /36470

- Brainstorm Guy

Brainstorm Guy -- A new series

Comments (2)

What happened with the NG Staff? I mean that Live Flash viewer? That looked pretty good... So what went down that you ended up not having a great time with work?

Officially it was a lack of money to consider taking on another FT employee. It was just back and forth emails, but Tom subtly brought up this comment "You're looking for a full-time job to keep working on it?" Nothing concrete, but further talk ended the possibility. But it was still the closest I've come to getting hired there... if I only had been older (and helped out people on ng programming instead of flash kit) I might have had a chance at Mikes =P

Hmmmmm.......well, I hope the rest of the series does great...anyways congrats on being mentioned on one of Toms posts.