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Flash Portal Live V0.8 - Highlighting, underjudgement, and type icons... oh my!

Posted by gltovar - July 26th, 2007

New... Improved.... FLASH PORTAL LIVE

This new version of Flash Portal Live mirrors the look of the current portal. I actually was able to create the new version in 3 hours but it wasted a lot of bandwidth... it would update all pictures/icons every refresh and you would loose the links you had already clicked on. Well after reading this comic: http://xkcd.com/292/ I decided that this was not the way to go.

I sucked it up and spent about 3 days completely reworking the code so that each list item was its own object so it would save any information related to it, other than any changes. It to so long because I am also using the project to familiarize myself in Actionscript 3. At least I don't have to worry about raptors.

This is an Adobe AIR Application so make sure you download the runtime first.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the file! - 28k rar file.

oh and to close it use [alt-f4] or right click on the file in the task bar and select close. Mac users... well you'll be able to close it too, but I don't know the default methods for closing a program in OSX off the top of my head. = P

Also if the program is running for 1hour without input, it will idle and get updates every 10 minutes instead of its regular interval.

Flash Portal Live V0.8  - Highlighting, underjudgement, and type icons... oh my!

Comments (9)

YAY good one, very handy app.

HUZZAH!! It's even better now. btw, thanks for the PM about the update, I never would have known without it.


damn rar files :P never have anythibg to open them with. Anyway nice work i got it opened eventually :)

Id like to add, id prefer it without the ng tank, it makes it alot bigger than it needs be.

noted, thanks = ]

Very cool, and wow! I even got a PM update on this! Very, VERY cool

Oh, and I also saw how you blurred out some of the important text. Nice move on your part :p

heh, you never know = P
I just wanted to show the semi-funny trace statements... though they got cut off.
it was supposed to read:
"an entry was blammed = ]"
"oh no im over 50... LOGAN, RUN!"

Is it possible to make a voting system on it ? :)
That would be awesome.

You know, you really should start the system's default browser instead of blindly executing IE. o.o

it opens up firefox on all the computers i tested it on (and safari )

Make sure your IE does not have some hidden default setting on.

I cannot get this thing to work! I downloaded all the crap you need for it, but when I try and run it now it just says 'This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported'.

Some help please?